"The Sweet Science" taught by Shane Mosely Jr.

Boxing is one of the oldest, but also one of the most refined martial arts and combat sports. The fundamentals of footwork, head movement, and using the hands for offense and defense will make anyone a formidable fighter and in great shape. 

Required Equipment: 16oz Gloves
Hand Wraps and Mouth Piece recommended

Boxing Class Times

Monday/Wednesday Boxing Class: 7:30pm

Friday Boxing Class/Sparring: 7:30pm 

*Sparring requires mouthguard

Meet the Instructor

Shane Mosely, Jr.

Shane Mosely Jr. is a professional boxer with a 18-4-0 record and is the current WBA Continental Americas Super Middleweight champion. As an amatuer, Shane Mosely Jr. was ranked as the #1 Middleweight in the world before transitioning to professional boxing where he currently ranks as #15 in the world. As the son of "Sugar" Shane Mosely, the former world champion of 3 different weight classes, the students of the sweet science are in good hands.